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Gain real-world experience that prepares you for the challenges of the fast-paced medical field. Become a full-time scribe today.

Job description:

Scribes are active and valuable members of their healthcare teams, providing real-time charting for physicians by shadowing them throughout their shifts and performing a variety of helpful tasks. As a scribe, you’ll gain rare clinical experiences that help you grow as a person and as a professional. Common duties include:

  • Recording the patient’s history and chief complaints
  • Transcribing physical exams
  • Recording diagnostic test results
  • Preparing plans for follow-up care

Full-time scribes work 16-20 shifts per month, or about 4-5 shifts per week. Shifts are generally 8-10 hours long, but this may vary depending upon location.

Each shift, you’ll be assigned a doctor or physician assistant to work alongside. This means you’re in the room during each evaluation, documenting directly from the patient and provider conversation. And that makes you a valuable part of the healthcare revolution and the patient experience.


  • Highly motivated and experience-driven
  • Pre-health track (pre-med, pre-PA, pre-nursing) preferred
  • At least 18 years old and sophomore status or higher
  • Preferred GPA of 2.8+
  • No clinical experience required to apply
  • Proficient in English; secondary languages required at some locations


  • Follow and observe a physician for extended periods of time
  • Lift approximately 25 pounds
  • Handle a stressful and fast-paced environment
  • Read, write and comprehend through listening
  • Speak fluent English
  • Operate a computer and/or laptop through proficient typing, clicking and viewing a monitor for extended periods
  • Write legibly by hand
  • Motivation. Dedication. Positivity. Professionalism.


You will never be scheduled during class, MCAT preparation or medical school interviews. However, at many locations we staff shifts 24 hours per day, so depending on your location be prepared to work days, nights, weekends and holidays.


Our scribe's pay includes paid residency training as they work their way up. After training is complete, you are able to earn advances based on experience, commitment and productivity. Once you have been with PhysAssist Scribes for a period of time, you can become a part of our elite management team and apply to be a Chief Scribe or Certified Trainer Scribe.

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Why should I apply to become a PhysAssist Scribe?

  • Gain invaluable clinical experience for health-related professional pursuits
  • Receive letters of recommendation from practicing physicians
  • See doctors make important medical decisions firsthand
  • Experience the pride of being a real contributor to the future of healthcare
  • Observe direct physician and healthcare staff interaction
  • Become a master of the electronic medical record
  • Learn terminology, language and general medical knowledge
  • Understand the basics of ordering tests, interpreting lab results and reading X-rays
  • Set yourself apart from the rest of graduate school applicants

Wages and scheduling

What do scribes earn?
Before starting work, all candidates must pass a pre-employment training course. Wages are set later during residency training. Upon successful completion of all training requirements, scribes are eligible for an elevated pay rate.

Does PhysAssist Scribes offer other, non-scribing career opportunities?
Absolutely. Opportunities are limitless to those who display the core qualities of motivation, dedication, positivity and professionalism. In fact, many of our top executives and managers began their professional careers as scribes. Joining our elite management team and becoming a Chief Scribe or Certified Trainer Scribe is encouraged and attainable with further performance and tenure.

Does PhysAssist offer summer-only scribing positions?
No. This is not an internship, and our hope is to retain our scribe employees as long as possible. The overall on-boarding process takes up to eight weeks. The value of scribing exponentially rises with the more experience you get, so limiting exposure to only a few months creates not only scheduling and operational issues, but also inhibits the scribe’s ability to truly learn.

How much are full-time scribes expected to work?
Full-time scribes work 16-20 shifts per month, which averages to 4-5 shifts a week.

How long is each shift?
Shifts are generally 8-10 hours long, but this may vary depending upon your location.

Do I have to make a long-term commitment to become a scribe?
To achieve the optimal learning experience, we encourage scribes to work two years if part-time and one year if full-time.

How do I decide between scribing full-time and scribing part-time?
If you’re not taking a full course load in school, then full-time may be a good fit. Your schedule decision often depends on multiple factors, including extracurricular activities, other jobs and obligations, etc. Your recruiter will discuss with you the implications of choosing a full-time position and whether or not your availability exhibits the necessary requirements to fulfill that position.

Can I change from full-time to part-time?
Due to scheduling and staffing models, you may not be able to switch from full-time to part-time. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Will I have to work any other time besides daytime?
Yes, in many locations we staff shifts 24 hours per day so you will be expected to work nights, weekends and holidays. The exact schedule and shift times depend on the location for which you are hired.


What does training to become a scribe involve?

  • 60-100 hours of education and training time, split between I AM SCRIBE University and paid residency training, which consists of:
  • 4-6 training shifts in the facility with a Certified Trainer Scribe as a personal Scribe Coach
  • Outside mastery of the detailed scribe manual
  • Daily quiz preparation and ongoing evaluation
  • Fast-paced and intense training that requires speed and strong multi-tasking abilities


If I apply today, when can I expect to hear back?
Our recruitment specialists will carefully screen your application, which can take a few days to a few weeks. If you qualify, you may be contacted to schedule an interview when a position is available.

How important are strong typing skills?
Your ability to type quickly and accurately on the electronic medical record is fundamental. You’ll be required to take a dictation/spelling examination to evaluate your proficiency. This is one of the many tools our recruiting department uses to select excellent scribe candidates.

What should I do to prepare for my interview?
We expect you to be punctual, professional and to have an understanding of the job description and training requirements.

How competitive is the recruiting process?
Very. But if you meet our requirements, we want to see you become part of our scribe team! The good news is that we hire new scribes every month, and positions are constantly opening up nationwide for motivated applicants.

How can I check the status of my application after I interview?
If you have not been contacted directly by one of our recruiters in a reasonable amount of time, then you are welcome to email or call us for an application status update.

What if there are no PhysAssist Scribe programs in my area?
With more than 100 locations, we have scribe programs across the United States. If you’re interested in moving to a different location, contact one of our recruiters to discuss your options.

If you have a question that was not answered above, please email us at for more information.